Thursday, February 9, 2012


My day is filled with challenges. Usually the ones that I dont expect at all. For example, today.

I'm a learning assistant to my mentor. That's what it says on paper till I get my own class (s) to teach in May. My routine everyday is to go and see my mentor asking about where's the class will be and what is she planning to do. But today I had to run some errands. 5 minutes before the class started I went to see her. Usually we enter the class together. 

Suddenly today she said:

"Nurul, do you want to enter my class and discuss the trial exam questions with them?"

I gasped. 

Me, alone standing in front of two classes (combined class) with advanced proficiency level.

I just couldnt say no. I didnt have the face to say no too coz I've been following and observing her when she was teaching and after a month I still say no? sooner or later I'll need to teach. So with fake smile on my face, I said yes. I was damn nervous.

My mentor, the bestest in the world understood my concern. Then she said:

"Never mind, you go first. After 20minutes I'll come. I know you cannot do it if I'm there"

Honestly at that time I feel like hugging her. Of course I was more nervous to teach in front of her.hahaha

Anyhoo, I did went, and I think, I think la I did well for a first timer. Little did I know my mentor was standing and watching me through the back door. Matilaaaaaaaaaaa.hahaha and later she asked me to do the same in another classes.

That's basically what happened today.hehe not to brag but I'm proud of myself for at least trying to be optimistic about everything that's thrown in my way. I panicked at first but managed to pull myself together and tried to do the best. Alhamdulillah.

Working at a prestigious school is no easy. Everyone has high expectation and expect perfection. As for me, the GPK Form 6 looks highly on me because I was trained in maktab before so he expects me to have more exposure than IPT grads. I'm honoured but of course the package is heavy. I'll try my best. 

Everyday I thank God for giving me such a good school to start my career. The teachers here especially MUET teachers are so semangat guiding me in every single way. Even the MUET Panitia is sparing some of her time teaching me how to manage the students, calculate marks, markings etc. My mentor also, who's never stingy in sharing tips about teaching. They really work hard to train me as they know I have zero experience teaching Form 6 students. 

There are so many things that I wish to learn here before I transfer to other school. Insya Allah. =)
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