Monday, February 13, 2012


I lost it again. My temper. In the same class as appeared in the previous post before, today.

It was an afternoon class.

I tried to make the lesson as interesting as possible. Civic education, whaddaya expect?

Towards the end, I asked them to hand in their exercise book, sit at their own place and keep quite. So I was looking at this one particular student, asking him to sit down. He just stood there, laughing and looking at me. As if he was challenging me.

Then I lost it. I screamed, stood right in front of him and glared at him. I know I have eerie look when I'm angry (hahaha). I stared at him till he couldnt lift his head. The rest went silent too.

I lost my temper because:

1. I tried to make the class interactive, meaning even if the students make noise, it's necessary. Worked for few minutes only.

2. I had to be on feet walking around most of the time to make sure the students were doing the work.

3. I hadnt had lunch. Hungry me, angry me.

4. Almost lost my voice coz the class is huyeugge. Lontaran suara penting.

5. One of the students, kept asking me: cikgu, penting ke buat benda ni? penting ke? He asked for so many times. He didnt see the importance of the lesson. T__T

6. My last straw was the boy who at that point I thought he was testing my patient.

Basically that was it. I'm going to change my strategy again. No more nice Cikgu Ain. No more kiddos.I'll make your life hell. muahahahahaha

Ok I lie.

I seek advice from my panitia teacher. She suggested few ways. I''ll try it one by one.

p/s Now I understand why some teachers refuse to teach that arent in their field. It's frustrating. I want to teach English......

p/p/s After I consulted the panitia teacher, she said she'll make sure I wont teach Civic anymore next year coz I'll be teaching form 6 and one class from lower Form. I like!
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