Sunday, February 12, 2012

Once the money's in.....

Because of the pending issue of our offer letter, money is no where to be seen. Since I started working the other day, I have planned plans of what to do once the money is in.muehehehe I wanna share witchu all today. Coz it's a new day and I need to blog about something.hehehehe here goes:

1. Get mani and pedi sesh. A colleague told me the outlet in JJ offers cheaper price compared to DP.

2. Hair pampering. My hair has gone haywire.hahahaha

3. A massage. I think my body has become a gas tank now. Easily get bloated/fart/burp at random times. and get cramps also.hahahahahhaahha

I is comel. eh?

4. Buy something for my mom. Delayed birthday gift T___T

5. Bring the whole family for makan-makan. This time must book Parameswara Umbai. *SLURRRPP*

6. Buy a new laptop. My laptop is dying. I think it's still holding on because she understands my situation. Hang on lappy ='). You've served me well from the past 6 1/2 years. go go go!

OH MY GUSI! I'm so gonna pimp my laptop like this. Crazy cute!!! But not yellow for sure. *mouth opens wide*

7. Save save save save

8. Wedding IOUs, stuffs and sewaktu dengannya.

Eh, why wedding stuffs came in last leh? hahaha But all these might no be fulfilled. I know myself too well that when I dont have money, I want so money thing. But when I have money, I lust towards food more than things I really need to buy. Haiya! Let see =)
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