Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Classroom Control.

Today school reopened after 3days of holidays. And as usual, it's Monday Blues day for me.hehe

FYI, i got a title, Queen of relief classes. From the past 2 weeks, my experiences in relief classes were not beautiful. Screaming students, screaming me. Havoc and noisy. So today, I got a plan. The plan that came when I entered the first relief class for the day.

It was a Form 3 class where the students are already in the stage of showing their true colors la. The class was noisy at first though I've warned them. Seeing that there's no changes, I got up, took my marker and started writing random words on the board. Then I said: (in bm)

If I hear any noise from anyone, I'll call you and you must write a sentence using the words written, IN ENGLISH!

Zappppp! Just like that the class fell silent. With some minor whispers and giggles. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love it when my plan works!!!

Towards the end, there were few students making small noises so I just called them and asked them to write.

I tried this plan in a Form 1 class too. However, you know form 1 kids, they became too excited instead =____='... they even asked me to go for few rounds more. And demanded more difficult question.haha But I could say their proficiency is quite good coz few of them could create sentences based on the words 'anticipate'
and 'decapitate'. Walauwehhhh. I only learnt those words in foundation years. Way to go kiddos!


On a different note, it's my pay back time for my students who didnt hand in their homeworks. muahahahahahahaha. 

What I did was I called out the names who handed in theirs and made the rest of the class to stand through out the lesson. Then I gave many exercises and told them that 
  1. I'll let you go back early (last period of the day) if I have 22 books on my table at the end of the lesson. 
  2. I want all exercises to be done including those exercises I gave last week. I'll check each of your book. no play play
My plan works.hahaha I got all the books baby!

Ok that's all. I'm super hungry right now. Have MUET listening paper to mark. Toodles~
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