Thursday, February 2, 2012


I is so serabut right now =D

With the pending issue of our salary - still waiting for the offer official letter from the government. Without the letter, the clerk cannot proceed with the salary thingy. I is sad.

Up to date: My debt is mounting. Sometimes it gives me chill just to see at the amount. I keep track of how much money I owe people - mom and B. Salary, come faster to mummeh!

School: As a new teacher, many parties want to shove me with works. So far I dont really mind since I dont have many classes to teach till May. But there's this thing happening right now that put me in the utmost uncomfortable situation - ever!

There's this one party who wants me to be the head of this organisation. But there is another party who disagree - because I'm still very new and it's not fair to just pass the work to me without at least give me some room to learn first. Because of this, there was a slight disagreement that left me in between. Now the first party always look at me one kind - as if I was the one who had the say =( 

And then there's another thing - a total different situation. I am a helper to this one party. But this has aroused dissatisfaction of other parties as they said the first party now has more time to relax bla bla bla since I'm helping with the marking etc. However, what the rest of the parties dont know is everytime after I'm done marking, the first party still have to read and go through my work. It's not like this party gets off the hook of workloads. Coz I'm still in the learning process, the principal wants me to be trained and not given any critical class to teach, at least for now. And because of this stupid - yes I would say stupid because the basis is 'berkira nak mati', the first party is facing some problems. and me as the person who's in between, feel the worst because I dont want to ruin anyone's good relationship.

I is serabut now. I need a vacation. Oh wait. No money =(

On the other hand, I need to be more strict. I hate to be a nice teacher that students can step on my head as they please. Damn!
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