Friday, February 17, 2012

HIV Test Klinik Komuniti Peringgit

Assalamualaikum, Salam Satu Malaysia and Salam Melaka Bandaraya Teknologi Hijau 
(our school uses this for every assembly..hahaha)

Today I came back pretty late. I had extra lesson with one of the form 6 students, then headed to Klinik Komuniti to do my HIV test. This is one of the requirements if you want to get married ye.

Anyhoo, I drove out of the school sharply at 2. I've googled few government clinics to do this test and I've chosen the one in Peringgit because it's a new clinic, it's on my way home and because I planned to stop by GIANT and tapau pizza.

I entered the clinic compound at 2.15pm but the lady told me to come back at 2.45pm. I was contemplating whether to go to Giant to eat or not. Super hungry la weh.. But then I noticed there are few shops right in front of the clinic.I dont like to eat alone but today I did. A proof of how hungry I was. So I took few lauks and white rice, found a place to sit and called B. So he was sort of accompanying me through out my lunch.hahaha 

Then after that, walked back to the clinic. To cut story mory short, here's the procedure:

1. MUST bring the green form from Jabatan Agama. Then you'll be asked to fill in about 4 different forms including the green form.

2. Then you'll be asked to go to ROOM 11 for HIV test. Take a number and wait.

3. Once your number is being called, enter the room. One lady was waiting for me. She scanned through my form and started asking questions. I was thinking 'what a friendly lady'. But that was a trap!!! Little did I know she was distracting my attention because after that I experienced pain that made me scream a little. She was drawing blood (ok enough exaggerating Nurul!!). She took few drops of my blood after she cut my finger using something sharp. Ok I dunno what that thing is called.hehe

After that, she asked me at what time I took my lunch. I said about 45minutes before. Then she said no wonder my reading was very high. I'm not sure what reading but I guess it's the sugar in my blood. My bad! I didnt know they'll check that too.

4. After that, you'll be asked to wait for awhile. Then they'll call your name and return back the forms. The nurse will tell you to go to ROOM 31 for a quick medical check up. I'm healthy except for the sugar in my blood. The nurse also checked my height, weight, BMI and blood pressure. I've LOST 4KGS baby!!!!!!!!!hahaha


Ok I lie.hahahaha but that's basically the process. It didnt take more than 45 minutes to complete all.


Now, my next step is asking for SURAT AKUAN BUJANG from the school. I is shy...hahahahaha rase nak sepak.

p/s There were 2 different couples, taking the test together. And all the nurses/ MO I met asked me where's my partner coz they said usually there are partners doing hiv test together.. B i is sad.  =(
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