Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I've been up to

I know I have put up less pictures nowadays.haha the same reason stands. Privacy and security purposes.

However, I took some pictures lately. Not many but still, have something to show you.hehe

I'm the advisor (teacher) for Skuasy.hehe Since our school doesnt have the court, we'll meet at one of the hotels in Melaka city that has the facility. RM5/hour per court. 

I've been helping my panitia teacher with her compiling works. I have too much free time that I've been asking to be given works just to kill the boredom.haha so today I helped her to make this collage. She's compiling some of her students' work for MUET. 

Last but not least, my love letters for Valentine. hahaa Ok just kidding.

Remember I was so frustrated with the students yesterday? 

I thought of a way to handle my situation. So today after the formative test, I asked them to take out a piece of paper and write what they like/dislike about my way of teaching. No name should be written. Then I asked them suggestions of activities that they want to do in class. I didnt have time to read in school so I brought all the 'letters' home. =D

Based on all the comments, lemme lay out the summary of all.

Basically they are ok with my style. My explanations are ok. My voice projection is fine. Basically ok.

There were few complaints tho. Quote:

Cikgu jangan tulis besau2 kat papan putih

Cikgu tak banyak bagi keja rumah.

Nak pulak keja rumah banyak. Bagi kang tak hantau.hahahaha

After that, I told them why I was upset yesterday. Why I screamed. Why I walked out of the class. Some of them admitted that they were naughty in their letter so I think I got the message through.hehe Now I feel at peace. 

p/s Baru faham perasaan cikgu yang marah2 dalam kelas. Forgive me Ustazah Nooranita =')

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