Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Now that my cousin is safely married, all the attentions no go to me, the next in line to be hitched. It's just natural for people to get curious and excited about weddings.hehe They want to know about the concept, about the theme color, about the designs, about the caterer and down to the littlest thing like what would be my centerpiece.

I'm not trying to hide anything or trying to create surprise elements about my wedding but honestly, I myself, the bride is almost clueless as those who were asking. True story.

Let's break it down.

1. The concept.
From my understanding, the concept should be vintage, retro, traditional, garden or fairy tale. For my wedding, I think my concept is 'Lendu Kampung Style Concept with a hint of modern contemporary and a little fairy tale'. Boleh gitu??hahahahahaha Why the because? it is because I have never thought of any concept. My one and only concern is that the solemnization goes well. InsyaAllah.

2. The theme color
I think I've talked about this so many times in the previous post. My theme color would be purple with a hint of green (the wall is green) and also bright yellow (the curtain is in this color) and also cream (my baju nikah). Can you imagine that?hahahaha I dont want to stick to one color because some of the things for the wedding were sponsored by kind hearted people so I dont want to be lebih kuah dari sudu by demanding things. People want to give, you make do of everything. And I forbid, yes forbid my mom to tailor a new curtain just for the sake of the reception. it's not economical and we are running out of space to keep curtains and bed sheets.

3. The designs
These include the design of my dais, meja beradab, dresses and make up. Honestly, I put all my trust on the vendors. As long as they turn out appropriate should be fine wimme. I dont expect too much because if it doesnt turn out like what i have expected, i'm gonna be a bridezilla, maybe faint a little be or worst wanting to cancel the wedding. yes a bride can be that emo. so shoving aside all those thoughts, i want everything to be ok and not burdening anybody. If everyone is happy, I am happy. If everyone is happy, they are most likely not to talk bad about the wedding. Kata-kata itu doa.

4. Caterer
The caterer is my mom's colleague who has been in the business for so long. We hired them for merisik and also engagement and the food were delicious. they are a bit pricey but my mom, abah and i believe that we should put more money on food than other nonsensical stuffs. When the guests eat delicious food and not getting diarrhea the next day, the purpose of the kenduri is achieved. That's the most important thing. In our village, people dont usually talk about the grand wedding. it's the food that is getting the attention.hehehehe

5. Door gift.
The caterer is giving out free 400 doorgifts. After thinking for so long, mom decided to add another 600 for the guests. So we dont need to crack our heads about this thing anymore. and all of them will be prepared by them. My house will have more space since we dont keep the doorgifts till the reception date.muehehehe I like!

Basically, I want everything to be simple.

I've got people asking me what's my current project for the wedding. They thought I might be so busy by now. They even asked my mom. Funny thing was we both looked at each other spontaneously and laughed a lil bit. Because so far, we are not busy with anything.haha We want to get busy but donno with what.hoho

Ok la. A long post for the whole week. will be going to Kedah tomorrow. Mom is excited to give out the invitations plus my cousin's reception on the groom's side is on Saturday.

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