Sunday, July 11, 2010

habis dah!

well, i am at home. Safely arrived from Shah Alam. Went to Umar's house after 'checked in' into my hostel room. Not feeling the excitement to start the new sem hence the self-proclaim one week holiday.hehe

my practicum went well. Of course faced some problems but we made it. I have started to miss my housemates already. they bring out the other side of me that i never knew i have.Ila and Ikha, thank you so much!

A cliche, thanks to the school SMK Datuk Bendahara Jasin. You taught me lessons that i dont think i could learn from other places. to my students, teachers, Guard, gardener, pakcik and makcik canteen. semuala..terima kasih kerana menerima diriku seadanya.i have tonnes of pictures to upload. but am lazy. my students have started contacting me through phone and facebook. malasnyer nak layan. *tetiba menyesal bagi info* well..

 ya ya..i know i am small..

i have another good news. MANAGED TO LOSE 3.5 KGS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!
i can now fit into my 'S' jeans,,yihaaaaaaaaaaaa! thank you Jasin!
k dah diam!


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