Monday, July 19, 2010

akhlak murid 13 tahun

one of my ex-student texted my on the phone. we talked a lot of stuffs.normal topic till suddenly she asked about  boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. FYI, she's 13 years old and the boyfriend is 20 years old.

what would you do when your student or a 13 year old girl told you this:

"Saya tak penah kena kiss tp waktu saya dating bulan lepas ngan dia kat library jasin, dia kiss saya 3kali, 2 kali kat pipi sekali kat mulut. Best kan kena kiss?"

i was speechless and paused for a while. how am i suppose to react to that?

ok some people say it's normal la kissing2 ni. but where this simple little kiss leads to?? and the boy is 20 years old. what any boy that age wants from a 13 year old girl?

i tried my very best to advice her what's the consequence but she seems to ignore it.ouch!


perempuan said...

a 13 year old girl being kissed? 20 yr old guy? duh! better halang dia. mula mula rasa best kena kiss, pastu rasa best benda lain pula. 13 tahun tu masih lagi budak lah.. plus, this thing kan illegal in Islam.

Hapiz Rahman said...

serius dowh.. lelaki itu sangat tidak ada rasa tanggungjawab. Sila halang sebelum terlambat.. tolong..

nurul razak said...

memang dah cuba pakai sms je sebab jauh..doa la budak ni nak dgr..

umar said...

as a lawyer,the boy can be charged for molesting. please get someone from your school to report it to the relevant authorities.

kids nowadays, think with their kepala lutut.

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