Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ngok ngek

i am so bored at home that i can play with Mok. she's the new mom! welcome to mother hood! well, she's our cat anyway..hahah

i am not a fan of cats. but i do love their cuteness.i can play with FAT cats because i know they would be lazy to play with me and their claws will be safely kept in their furry feet?paws? whatever. many people i know love naughty cats.the ones that run to get you. i hate that type of cat. well, i dont like to be surprised. i have a friend who's cat cannot see toes. You know toes? once he sees it, habisla..ko gi mana2 pon kejar.haish..

k i am bored.but to go back to ukm, nah! double the feeling. with no money in the purse, baik dok umah.haha
k dah la..mengarut..


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