Saturday, July 6, 2013

Leaving on a jetplane

We sent B to the airport today. Mom, me and Daus. with Daus' new car =)

I didnt cry tho. Not a pang of sadness because I know he'll fly home in 5 days.hehehehehe Actually I seldom cry when he left except when it was my working day and I came home to an empty room. If I sent him to the airport, no problemo, mommy isnt going to cry

The whole journey to the airport, B stationed his hand on my belly. Surprisingly, Baby moved actively tho it was not his active hours. You feel daddy isit? Even the last few seconds before B got off the car, Baby kicked as hard as he could. You dowan daddy to leave? =)

A lump from inside. Could be the butt.haha

Now that B's gone, I'm back on blogging, full force. yerrrrr cakap je. karang berabok jugak blog ni.haha I find that I dont have any mood to update when he's around. So it can be concluded that social networking sites only work for me when I'm lonely. Ironic isnt it?
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