Friday, July 5, 2013

Alhamdulillah, I still got to experience it...

Last week, when B decided to extend his stay I was wondering what was the hikmah behind this. Couldnt crack the mystery till just now. I got to experience all those sweet acts a husband do to a pregnant wife =)

Before this, I just smiled when the kakak2 or colleagues in school shared their pregnancy experiences with their husbands. For examples:

  • shopped for baby stuffs together
  • when they craved for something, the husbands looked high and low for them
  • one kakak told me she didnt have swollen feet because her husband massaged her feet every night
  • when they couldnt sleep at night because the baby was super active, the husbands would rub their bellies to calm the baby
  • the husbands would send them to work when in their 3rd trimester...
and many more la.....Jealous? of the course. I thought I would never experience that but Alhamdulillah, I got to experience all those in the extra days B were here.hehe 

  • I made sure that B and I bought all Baby's stuffs together. even the hanger to hang baby clothes.
  • I seldom have cravings. When B was here, I craved for many things and B tried to find all of them =)
  • My feet started to swell since a week ago and since then, B has never missed massaging them every night before I went to lala land.
  • B was there when I couldnt sleep because Baby was super active kicking. He forced himself to get up and sat on the bed with eyes closed and hands rubbing my back tho I told him to  go back to bed.
  • B sent me to school for 4 days in a row though I was still able to drive on my own. And he made sure he bought breakfast for me every morning.
 It's the little things that make life wonderful. I know B is trying super hard to be here with me and I understand his frustration when he couldnt do anything when heartburn or cramps set in. But he's here and that counts. Even for just few days, not everyday.

I learn to cherish the little time we had together. I am happy. Tho tomorrow B is flying back to Bintulu, he'll be around. Please make dua' for us that B can make it when the contraction starts.hehe I'm grateful to have such a great husband =)

p/s touching pulak la kan malam2 macam ni~
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