Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's talk breastpump

I couldnt believe that I am at this stage already, breastpump, a topic that I've never thought I would be interested in.hahaha I'm committed to give the best milk in the world to my baby and due to that, a little investment is crucial i.e. the breastpump. My criteria for the pump are:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Portable
  3. Double pumping
  4. Freestyle
Why the because?

I am a working mother. And if you are teaching in my school, it's not easy to find  time to really sit down and pump.haha geli pulak aku.hahaha but true, susah. So based on colleagues' advices, they all told me to search for pump with those criteria. And when we talk about freestyle, most moms I asked would suggest Medela Freestyle. Why Freestyle? Quote from a colleague, 'Kau nak pump sambil mengajar pon boleh!"

Opkos this was my first option. and kinda stick to it till.........a few hours ago.hehe The cheapest price we could find for this model is 1.5k.  I thought we have the budget until something came up last night that we had to pull the budget. So bye bye Medela Freestyle. Maybe next baby =)

So after doing much surveying, finding another option that could replace Medela Freestyle, I think I found one. at much much cheaper that i could afford. Ok B and I could afford.hehehe

So, we settled with this brand called Spectra. I've heard about Spectra before but was never interested because of their bulky designs. But! They have come out with a new design,  that fits my criteria. Introducing ......

Spectra Cimilre M1 Electric Breast Pump

Sorry for the blur photos. The best I could find...

 I cant give you the review yet coz I havent tried it. Heck, I havent received it too. Anyhoo, let's just pray that I've made the right decision. Shall we? =)

Anyhoo, if you are a new mom interested with this, go here to purchase PumpOnTheGo
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