Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Handing over

I have been spending my time since Monday reorganizing my things at work and home. My nesting mood has definitely increased now the date is getting closer. I have arranged all the files, the papers, the works to be handed over to school, to my colleagues, to substitute teacher and my students. Not 100% done yet, but getting there.hehe Next week will be my final week in school for this year. See you all again in 2014! muehehehe

I hope when I leave, I leave good. Means no pending stuffs to be settled. I really hope I will not get any call from the school when I am away for my maternity leave.heheheh Hopefully!

As for things at home, I feel so agitated looking at the dust surrounding the fan. I really want to clean them but I dont want to risk climbing on things. So have to wait for B to come back. I oso kehnotttttt tahan looking at the stain on the toilet wall. Really want to scrub them but dowanna risk hurting my back. My masseuse will be back in 2 weeks time =D

What else eh??

Ahah! Time flies too fast that it's been two weeks since fasting month started. Alhamdulillah I cannot praise God enough for giving me the strength and chance to fulfill my duty this year. Fasting has definitely brings its own good to me. My HB level has been low since the beginning of my pregnancy. I ate so many things but nothing seems to work.

But!!! After fasting for 2 weeks, HB reading skyrocketed to 10.7, the highest in 8 months!. Syukran!! I tot with fasting the level would drop lower because I ate less but that was not the case at all. Miracle huh?

Maybe due to Kurma that I ate.hehehehe

No picture to share today. Hhee
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