Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good Night Muhaimin

Since we came back from our North trip,Min is down with flu. Ok he's not down still up active and cheeky. Just a mild flu. He's a bit cranky most of the time that made me kissed him even more.haha

Min was cranky in his cot just now. Due to blocked nasal. So i put him next to me on the bed and he fell asleep instantly. I was facebooking on the phone when suddenly i felt a soft touch on my cheek. I turned to the left and in the dark I caught Minmin round eyes looking at me. As if he was saying 'Mommy, it's time for bed'.

So I put away my phone, stroked his chubby cheek and slowly he drifted back to sleep. At that time dear readers, i felt the bonding of being a mother.

As much as I love Minmin, i dont always feel the connection, you know like in the movie where the moms instantly felt their children.hehe so just now was one of the rarest moments of motherhood.

I just had a few sips of coffee and i know i smelled of it. But Minmin didnt mind. He didnt even budge when i kissed him few times on the forehead. He didnt frown when i said 'i love you' right in front of his face knowing my breath smelled of coffee and ikan bawal goreng.hahha

This is my son and regardless of how i look or smell,he wants me here next to him.

There were few incidents from the past weeks where i felt the of it was a week ago during his bedtime. He was crying,wriggling and his grandparents tried all sorts of way to calm him. I was in the shower. After i was done,quickly I entered the room and instantly,just like a snap of fingers he stopped crying and looked at me. He knew then his human cradle had arrived.miahahahaa

Another one is no matter how cranky he was at night,as long as i took him out of his cot and put him next to me,he gonna sleep like a baby. It's the smell of his mom that soothes him to sleep.

I dont have the perfect words to describe my feelings for you but Allah knows how much i love you Abdul Muhaimin ♡♡♡


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