Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review on Spectra S1

Assalamualaikum and howdy peeps!!

School is always crazy especially during the first term - Cross country, short courses for teachers (LDP), tests for students, test questions to set, classroom to decorate, extra co-curricular activities with the students bla bla bla hence, eh forgot for me, add one more, Muhaimin hahahaha so mmy hands are always full. I want to blog so badly but i got no time.

Anyhoo, here is my honest review about Spectra S1.

Overall, 4 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had Spectra M1, used Medela Freestyle for 3 weeks, occasionally using Unimom manual pump i just gotta say Spectra S1 is made for me.

Suctions good

Very quiet - quieter than M1 and FS. Anyway FS sounded like motorboat.The sound of S1 is similar to someone's breathing.hehehe

Could get 5oz in a short period too.

Can be used as single or double pump

Basically perfect for me


The size of course.haha

First time I met it I was like... wow radio ke aper ni.hahahah

It's not really convenient especially for travelling purpose but then I have my Unimom manual so it doesnt concern me. Just a big bulky coz I carry S1 everyday to school.hehe 

S1 and M1 have the same set of breastshield and bottle.

Oh yeah, another minus point for S1 is till now I cant find any storage bottle that fits the breastshield. So it's a double work of pumping then transferring to storage bottle.


Originally, it came with only one set of breastshield but a miscommunication with the supplier and a bit of drama, she gave me another set for free.tee hee hee add with the previous M1 sets, i have 4 sets in total. hee

Small size talc for size comparison. Still cannot imagine its bulkiness?

Here, hope the next photo helps.


Bulky doncha think?hee so whenever i carried this around, it felt like I was carrying a radio for my MUET class.hahahahaha

Oh another plus point is this model comes with a night light. 2 level of brightness. Very helpful especially at night =)

That's all I think. I know this post is a bit messy but I really dont have time to properly compose it. Again as usual, any question just leave a comment or shoot me flyawaycandle@yahoo.com.

p/s Alhamdulillah, Muhaimin is back to mommy's milk again. Hopefully this continues till at least he's a year old which....5 months to go. phewwwww!

That's all i think. I


Suzy Effendi said...

ku mok beli tok ariya... (-_-) tp sbb nya bulky ku x jd (ku jenis berangkut byk buku g skolah.. sigh)

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