Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busy BEE

feel like i've abandoned this blog for quite sometimes now thought it's just for 2 days.haha i've been so caught up with work lately -- yes you read that riight. i am busy with the new opening of my blogshop CHIC HIJAB last few weeks. only now i can put all my attention to it after exam and thesis.

Alhamdulillah to God the Almighty because our business is running smoothly. We received satisfactory responses from the customers. Now we are working towards finding agents to market our product. Gosh, this is exciting. But a hehyuuuge gratitude to my business partner who believes in us and always has many ideas towards improving our business. you are gonna be one hell of a mother soon, SUsie!!

Apart from that, i've been stressed finding the perfect photographer for my wedding. yes, it is stressful!! sampai gado2 ngn B. muehhehe so far we have two options. One from Razali - amboi macam bunyi bestfren kan. So far, i like his work the most. He was suggested by my SIL. gambar die memang the bomb! please go to the link and tell me what you think of their work.hehe another one is my friend's sister. But we are still waiting for the sample and packages offered from them.

We have not had the exact date for our big day but InsyaAllah, next month we'll get the date. But surely it will be sometimes in Disember. A long time still huh? yea..but still sometimes i will get the panic attack. What if the photographer is fully booked? what if the mak andam is also booked? i dont wanna end up with crappy photographer or mak andam. waaa...

ok la. enough with the Bridezilla craps.

So, how's your holidays? =)


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