Saturday, January 7, 2012

Catering for reception.

Alhamdulillah, mom has finally finalised the menu with our caterer. woot woot! Since food play a major and vital and deadly role in any wedding, therefore, Mom has confidently chooses the caterer without doubt. wah gitu!

The caterer is none other than mom's colleague in her school. Yeay. We hired them before for merisik and engagement events last year so my mom is confident with the services. Plus we were told by relatives and B's family that the food was delicious especially the briyani.ehehe

Engagement. Mom ordered kampung food that time, not beriyani. Beriyani was during merisik.hehehe

Bits of information:

A.Z Farhan Catering, Masjid Tanah Melaka. 

They offer various packages starting with RM8 per head. Mom opts for package A which includes:
  1. Nasi beriyani
  2. Nasi putih
  3. Ayam masak merah
  4. Daging rebung masak lemak
  5. Acar buah
  6. Pajeri nenas
  7. Fruits
  8. Chocolate cake for dessert- seriously this cake is sooooo yummeh and sooo moist!
  9. Pulut hitam for dessert
  10. Mineral water
  11. Punch drinks
  12. Papadom.
  13. Special dishes for high table: Siakap 3 rasa, udang berhias, sotong berhias etc.
  14. 2 tiers wedding cake
  15. Special door gifts for 30 pax
  16. Since we order for more than 1000 guests, we are going to get free 200 goody bags.
Fuhhh! Seems a lot right?tee hee. Mom intention is to invite all of her colleagues, relatives in Kedah, all relatives in Singapore. Basically all la... So she wants the food to be satisfying. I also prefer to spend the money on food than other stuffs. ngeh ngeh.

Some plus points for this caterer are:
  1. They use boiled water not directly from the pipe.
  2. They do not wash the dirty dishes at the client's house. Selamat longkang. =p
  3. They provide 15 waiter/waitresses in uniform.
  4. Tissues and utensils are provided.

The only minus point for this caterer is they dont provide canopy service so we have to look for another vendor. So far we have listed 2 which are yet to be contacted.hehehehe 

So next, wedding invitations to be finalised tomorrow then can start printing already. Woo hoo! *dalam hati, rabak bukan dah koyak sampai tak boleh tampal lagi ke??hahaha*

Have a great weekend everyone!!

p/s it makes me sad when some individuals who blatantly said we want to show off by hiring a caterer for the wedding. Or said, Takpela...mak kaya...boleh la..."  If you know us, I mean my mom, she prefers to do rewang -  cook ourselves with the help of the neighbours. The problem is who's going to help us with all the work? We lived in Borneo for 14 years, which means we missed most of the kenduri in kampung. Kita tak tolong kenduri orang, sape nak tolong kenduri kita??? 


Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Nurul, I am a silent reader of yours. Selalu terbaca Kak Nurul stress bila orang komen negatively about your plans, especially wedding plans. I just want to let you know that these people, yang banyak komen macam2 even though we didnt ask them to ni, will always be there. takkan dapat menutup mulut orang macam tu. we cant change all the people, but we can change how we react to such people kan? so let them be, jangan amik hati dengan what they say, masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri. being a bride mesti banyak lagi benda nak fikir then to serabutkan your mind with all those nonsense kan kak? whatever your plans are, whatever people comment about it, you have your own rationale on why having things that way (katering sebab it's much more menyenangkan hidup, besides makcik2 ramai dah tua tak larat dah nak buat heavy duty tasks, and the young ones yang kuat2 but no skills plak mostly berhijrah ke bandar, so what's the options left kan), and as long as it's not membazir and you can afford it (by you i meant the family - a wedding sememangnya a family event kan?), then you have nothing to worry.

Lagipun Kak Nurul kawen dgn orang jauh. Sedara mara kak Nurul pun ada yang akan datang dari jauh. Apa salahnya go an extra mile to make their willingness to come and celebrate this happy event of yours worth it kan? My dad gave duit minyak and duit poket lagi to some of our relatives yang sanggup datang jauh2 for my brother's majlis bertandang dulu, not because we're freaking rich, but as a thank you gesture for kesudian mereka travel jauh2 to be apart of the joyous event, nak nak when mereka pun bukan orang senang, so it's also as a gesture utk tak membebankan diorang for the event. That extra mile you take, InshaAllah will be repaid in another blissful way =)

Sorry for commenting too long, you probably won't read it pun. Tapi just want you to enjoy all the moments of wedding planning, don't stress out too much, and be a gorgeous bride at your lovely wedding nanti! May Allah ease the journey for you, your family, your future husband, and his family too. Ameen =)

Nurul Razak said...


whomever you are, thanks for the thoughts. memang salu pekakkan telinga pun. cuma melepas dlm blog je.heheh bila org cakap macam2 still boleh gelak2 lagi sebab tau makcik2 itu tak bace pon blog ni.

Donno what else to say....hehehe btw, i read all the comments but since I'm a quite person (in real) i dont know how to reply comments from readers.

But your comment brings smile to my face.. Thank you =))))

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