Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Lovelies =)

How was your new year? Mine filled with fun, good food and family around.

It's been days since I last went online with laptop. Used my laptop just to check any recent updates and then went off with the hectic of my cousin's wedding.

My cousin, Anis is married @.@ Cant believe it coz it feels like yesterday we were bathing in the same bathroom and walked together to our primary school. Or fighting over who's dresses were more gorgeous than the other.hahaha good times back then.

I have so many things to tell and share and read. Yess I miss reading those blogs. Miss blog walking.hew hew

Quick update, SPP interview is out. I pass. Alhamdulillah. Our effort last week to Putrajaya seems like on the right timing. Hopefully there's my rezeki to Bintulu.

What else eh?

I've sent my cloth to the tailor for baju nikah. Humangaiiiii mahal gilos. Penat pujuk Auntie kasi kurang so she discounted RM20 jahhhh. I redha. B i wanna claim from chuuuuu.hehehehe

I gained back all the kilos I lost from the past few months in 4 days time.See la... good company good food. Hardly get into my newly bought jeans T____T

Happy New Year peeps!


sword said...

can can..hehe

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