Friday, December 30, 2011

I hate chu


I dunno why but since few days ago the pimples just popped out like the mushrooms after the rain. WT?

my face is very sensitive. I cannot wear any product I want. My face so far is only compatible with Eumora and T3 Mycin but with my condition, I cannot afford to use Eumora T__T. Expensive. huwaaa

But one thing for sure, my future husband doesnt have to fund on my make up.hahahah because I cannot wear any even lip gloss.hahaha

I only can apply eye liner - and only Maybelline works so far. But to a certain extend of time. If I apply in the morning, by noon, I have to wash it away or else it will redden the eyes. and Vaseline for the lips. That's all. I'll apply compact powder on to my skin only for special occasions and suffer the consequences after that. woo  woo...

Untung la B. this one priced at RM4.90 and will need to buy maybe once in 3 years.hahaha

My cousin wants me to be made up for her wedding. I'm still deciding.hahaha 

Anyhoo, the solemnization will be TODAY!!!! After Jumaat prayer. I CANNOT WAIT!


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