Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hotels in Bintulu

When I was in Bintulu, my sweet fiancee arranged not one but 2 hotels for me to stay. The first hotel was New Century Inn located near Medan Jaya (if i'm not mistaken). This is a new inn so the interior and furniture were pretty new. I specifically told B I wanted a safe place to stay since I'll be staying alone. The hotel is safe, and only 5 minutes drive from B's house =)

Lesgo check the interior.

It's a small but cosy room. B insisted I got a room with a window but the view was only the back alley.haha 

I loveeeeeeee the toilet. Even more spacious than the bedroom.hahaha Complete with hot shower.

One unique thing about this toilet is that right in front of the toilet bowl, there was a tile with picture on it. This picture. I wonder what's its purpose. hahaah termenung time pooping???

The rate for the room is RM68 which is very very reasonable. I had a very good sleep staying 2 nights there.   My one and only complain is there wasnt any sign or arrow indicating the kiblat. I tawakal-ed by following the direction from the mosque nearby.

After spending 2 nights at the hotel, B asked me to check out because he had booked another hotel for me. He said it was a surprise. I didnt ask many question since we had agreed earlier on that I shouldnt question anything that he arranged. So in the afternoon, after settling some chores, B drove me towards the beach. When he made a turn into a new junction, I gasped! He brought me to Parkcity Everly Hotel Bintulu. I literally screamed in the car. Yeaaaaaa I know I'm so sakai. I had never in my life stayed in any beautiful hotel before this so that explains my sakainess.hahaha anyway, lets cekidaut!

King size bed all for me!!!!!!

Mini pantry under the tv

I think the neighbour could hear me scream 'tubbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!' I utilised this to the fullest because I used the tub for morning bath too.hahaha 


Sejadah, Koran and Bible are provided. 

The place I used to iron my clothes. The iron table was provided but it was too big for me to set up.

view from my room. Near the beach.

How come only 3 pictures for the 1st hotel but gazillions for the 2nd?hahaha explain my sakainesss. My only complain for this hotel is there was no room slipper to be worn especially in the morning. I was freezing.

Thank you B for the surprise. It was unexpected, at all. He knew how much I wanted to stay in a nice hotel room. But staying alone not fun.hahahaha I dunno the rate for the room  since B is a member of Petronas Chemical Group, he got discounted price. =) *ting!


Alex said...

A very weird choice of tile decor for a toilet. Haha.. I think those are the images of the Greek muses..goddess of bla bla. So i guess while you poop, you think. :D and maybe produce art.

Sue Andy's said...

hehe, ku suka Century hotel ya koh. dh lamak x meraon d sinun. xtauk ceta

supermanisdead said...

do u have this hotel phone number maybe?
please reply asap -zul

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