Thursday, December 29, 2011

Busy DAY

Today, I spent my whole day running errands with my cousin who's getting married tomorrow. Yerrppp, nowadays the term 'darah manis' might not be suitable to be used anymore. A bride gotta do what a bride gotta do.haha

Anyhoo, I woke up early this morning as I had to go and see my dentist. I was the early bird so by 8.15am I was done.hehe I went to my cousin's house to help around. We tried to decorate the walkaway stand but my auntie disapproved of our 'creative' effort as she said the stand looked like hantu bungkus.ahahha 

Then I drove her to Malacca city to grab few things. Stopped here and there, and we found this beauty center by accident. My cousin wanted to do the threading service. She said it's the first shop she found in Melaka!! Before this she had to go all the way to KL. The center also provides henna drawing service, voila, appointment was set to 6pm today. 

yerppp, I was the guinea pig for my cousin. She wanted to see how the color would turn out so i was the victim.haha

I just parked my car at the porch once we arrived and received a phone call from another cousin. She had just arrived from Singapore with her kids and mom. Quick rest and prayer, off I drove to fetch her in Melaka Sentral.

I arrived home at 3.45pm. Rested for a while, almost lost myself in the afternoon nap when suddenly my phone beeped. Another cousin was asking me to get ready as we're going to find some more things and the henna appointment. aiyakkkkkk.

My cousins and me went to Tesco Cheng, ran here and there as we were running against time - the appointment. We managed to arrive at the beauty center 15 mins past 6. phewww~

Waited for the drawing to be done and around 8pm, we're already heading back to Lendu.

As the time of writing, my body demands to be on bed and sleep. But I wanna wait for my niece and nephew first.heheheheheh

How was your day? =)


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