Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Usaha terakhir

It all started 2 weeks ago, when there was this one uncle came to my auntie's shop for lunch. He's not a regular customer so he asked me about my background. When I told him I'm planning to be posted to Sarawak and marrying the guy there, he suggested for me to go to KPM and straight away ask to be posted to the state. Because, according to him, nowadays once you get posted to a place, it's very hard to ask for transfer. Unless a very strong reason like chronic illness. Even a marriage certificate or if you have kids dont guarantee for a transfer.

I went back home and discussed with mom. Mom later made few callings and all the people suggested to go directly to Putrajaya. I prepared an official letter and off we went.

Please note that, this is just an effort. I'm not asking for privileges to get posted anywhere I want. And I dont have any 'cable' for that matter.

Once in Putrajaya, my parents and I went to the place. My dad was looking for the parking so Mom and I went to Level 4. At the counter, we explained about our situation bla bla bla bla. 

The lady refused to let us see any of the pegawai in charge. Ok I understood that maybe you received an order from your boss not to entertain any unrelated issue. And I truly understand that our posting is yet to be processed. I just wanna submit my letter to the pegawai in charge. that's all. 

The lady, she was not at all friendly, making faces. You know what's her suggestion? Go to Kuching, to my maktab, ask for the posting form and change my option. ASDFGH!@#$%^&*()! WTH was that? My mom almost lost her temper so I pulled her away. I told the lady that I filled in the form like gazillion years ago, in 2009. Once in maktab, another one in UKM. It doesnt make sense for the maktab to still keep the form. T

Long story short, she didnt want to entertain us. So my mom and I waited for my dad at the lobby. When Abah came, we told him about the issue and he made a phone call. That person, who's from our village volunteered to help us. We waited for him and again we met him at the same place, in front of the lady. 

The man offered to help me submit my letter to his colleague. We told him that this was just an effort from our part regardless of the result. If I dont get it, means no rezeki. He understood.

He also informed us that KPM hasnt received our names from  SPP yet. And once the names are given, there are 3 stages for the process. It takes times. Usually they will have at least 3 meetings to determine our place. Apart from that, getting posted to Bintulu might not be a problem. But not Kuching though. 

He is also aware about TESL IPG group. Memang calon tercicir. He said we are supposed to be posted in June/July but somehow somebody or something are missing and our group got left behind. I consider this as no rezeki.

Anyhoo, everything is settled. I have done things that should be done on my part. Thank you to my parents who continuously support and help me in any way they could. Now, I'm leaving everything in the hands of God.



Sue Andy's said...

nurul. i agree with statements "even ada kids or marriage cert hard to transfer". My Biras, dh coba 2years mok transfer. setiap masa coba apply, g putrajaya, g PPD g cne2 pun office yang di rasa ada ruang mok polah rayuan pertukaran . still sik dapat. sadis gik bila last skali on June KPM pdh dpt, tp ditarit balit kak ya. sad

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