Wednesday, December 21, 2011


When I was in school, I learnt about different ways of God helping His servants to find ideas. Like wahyu and Ilham. 

During my degree years, I've received many ilham/ ideas for my microteaching while sleeping. Yessss the idea came in my dream. For example, during foundation year, we were asked to do a presentation each for Mdm Anne's subject. I was sooo worried at the time because I had no idea while my friends all were having bombastic ideas like the mummy, Jack the Reaper, Tennis (some I could recall). So 2 days before the presentation day, i slept. and the idea came. Alhamdulillah, I was awarded the best presenter. Thank you Madam Anne.

Another incident happened in my 1st year into degree. In a group of 7, we were to do a 10minutes microteaching for Dr. Chua's subject. And again, I was idealess for the whole week before the presentation. I was the opener - ok not funny, the one to do set induction for the whole topic. I remembered taking a nap that afternoon and dreamt of playing The Poison Box. And I nailed it!hahaha

Ok bukan nak riak yerrr. My point is..... I need a new idea for wedding theme. T__T

Today, the bridal who's responsible for my cousin's wedding next week has come to set up the dais. To my surprise, my cousin has chosen the exact design of my dais. Dahlah kaler pun purple *nangis*

I dont mind sharing the same color bla bla bla. But I'm concern that people are gonna compare hers and mine. So to be on a safe side, I think I need to change the color.

I told mom just now and she said 'Kau ni...mak dah beli dah kain...."  -- ok nangis lagi T__T

sOOOOOO I wanna go and take a nap. Hoping that some ideas will emerge in my dream.

Terima kasih kerana membaca.


Alex said...

When i read this, i was like... OOoo mummy...i love mummies. Who did the presentation on mummies? *after several moments trying to recall...* Oh was me. =.=" (indication of memory loss: need to get out of house) Anyways... good luck in you wedding plans. Can't wait to attend it. :P LOL

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