Wednesday, December 21, 2011


There's this one group of people. Complain and condemn a lot. 

There's this one guy. Who's effort includes meeting a VIP to seek answer regarding our posting issue. *Hats  off*

Sadly, the people in the first group, keep complaining and condemning like nobody's business. 

First, you did nothing except complaining. Second, when some people show some efforts, you condemn. Not only him, but Dr WEE, KPM, JPA, the government as a whole. Think: what have you done in the first place?

I just hate it . To dwell with so many issues everyday, self comforting, trying to be positive each second, come some losers and say 'you wish!!' to my face, deserve a really hard slap on the face! Biarla aku nak berharap, nak berdoa. If you are that loser, go lock yourself in the room and die. Life is never a bed of roses. If they do, roses have thorns OK! *please read emotionally*

If your reason is 'i've been lied to my face several times by the gov', you can go die now. As if only you got lied la..... how about the rest of us? Ceh. Drama much?

It sucks everytime we receive some good news, it's like there's light at the end of the dark tunnel. Then come  a giant who's forehead spelt 'LOSER' hit the end of the wall and scream 'YOU WISH!!', it's so demotivating. Erghhhh geram! You think once you get posted, all problems solve ke?? More problems coming you knowwwwwwww. But if you complain so much now, just wait and see when you're in school.Gah!

ok dah. This is the effect of bottling up my feeling from the past few months. So please, if you dont believe any of the news, you dont have to waste your effort, splashing anyone who wants to believe with your negative vibes. Just keep it to yourself and the likes, k?

p/s Before anybody terasa aku sindir, this post is for those who condemn people's effort. If you sigh or tweet about the problem, I'm not directing to you. makseh.


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