Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bad dream

I dreamt of something weird last night. I was at Tampin Complex building. The one that i went for pre wed course. I was at a florist. I was holding some one's hand. He was tall,tan but i didnt get to see his face.maybe because of his height. Apparently we were choosing flowers for our home. And I called him B. But he wasnt B. I knew because in the dream I felt no love in my heart. I knew he was my husband because though it was a dream i remember that i kept telling myself to accept and love this man as he was my husband. Even in the dream i could feel my heart wrenching. Uuuuuuuu i dont like that kinda feeling....

I think that man was Kwang Soo... The one from running man show. Last night before bed, B and I talked about the show and I told him i like Kwang Soo among all because he's cute especially when he shy shy cat in front of girls.haha i even told B i would love to be his girlfriend if i was single. Damnnn!

He's only cute on certain angle.hehehehe

Kwang- vatar, they call him in Running Man.hahaha far right he is  =)

B i want Kwang Soo no more. Dalam mimpi Allah dah bagi rasa bila dengan orang lain. Dowannnnn!

The feeling is real because when I got up this morning, first thing I did was to check my surrounding. And i thanked God that it was just a dream..

p/s Images googled.
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