Friday, January 13, 2012

Bidding farewell!

*This is a picture-less post*

Wah gitu! Not going anywhere but saying good bye to all the people who have walked into my life since I started working with my auntie.

Yup today was my last day, and I was so energetic (thanks to Ali Cafe) and happy and I could feel that I was glowing.hahaha mampo?

Since the posting news came, I've already bid farewell to some of my auntie's regular customers and people who were so nice to me since the beginning. Here it goes:

1. The newspaper uncle: He's an Indian uncle who delivers newspapers to the shop. I usually only chatted with him for few lines like 'metro/bharian' or 'ni rm3' or the least 'thank you Uncle!'. But today I spent few seconds more telling him that today was my last day working and I'm gonna report for duty next week. He congratulated me and wished me 'Good luck Cikgu!'. Sobs!

2. The lecturers: Some of the lecturers always asked about my posting issue and have been so supportive all this while. When I told them I finally got the call, they were so excited, and wished me good luck.hehe I'm touched ='). One of the lecturer, TESL lecturer even told me to call her if I need any help. Love these people!

3. The Kuew tiaw Goreng uncle: This uncle is a gardener for the SJKC in front of the shop. He loves our kuey tiaw goreng and tea tarik and never ordered anything else except for when we ran out of kuey tiaw. He gave me the widest smile when he heard the news and wished me good luck. This uncle is very quite but he smiles a lot.hehe

There are many more but I only highlight these 3 group of people because what ever their reactions, wishes and prayers to me, it all went straight to my heart. It's a heartwarming feeling to know that there are strangers in my life who could show so much happiness for me. Alhamdulillah.

Working at my auntie's shop was a bumpy ride. I didnt always get good customers. I got scolded, lectured, tutored under the same roof and I learned a lot. It's not a cliche. God let me experience that not everyone can get. I make friends along the way. Nowadays, when I go to my village Pasar Malam, I got people say hi to me. Or waive at me from across the road. Acts of recognition. I used to be 'anak Cikgu Razak yg kahwin dua tuuuu'. But now people call me Nurul.hehe It's an honour.

Now now, entering the new phase in life. Adulthood! I dunno what to expect by i'm expecting a bumpy ride. I expect good marriage ahead (wah kau sempat!)hahahaha and making decision in life. 

p/s Anyhoo, tiket raya pegi sibu sudah beliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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