Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It has been a rough week for me


First of all, i want you to know it takes all my courage and skin to tell this.

I am not getting married next year!

We planned but something came up and the plan had to be cancelled. It's due to personal issue so I wont disclose it to anyone. Let it be known to our family only. *sila jangan gosip bukan2 ye*

Of course i was crushed but i believe it is for the betterment for both of us. So that we will be more ready and mature. Marriage is not to be decide on an impulse.

Apart from that, this gives us chances to  get stable with our life, financial and emotional aspect.

Thousand apologies to dear friend Redzu wan two tree. Yang salu kenak bug ngan aku.hehe BTW your sister has send the quotation that we wouldnt miss. Hopefully the price stays when we want to get married.hehehehe

When will the big day be then?

Honestly, I DONT KNOW. But for sure, when our jodoh is here.hehe

and the engagement ceremony will still be carried out. So I invite all my friends to come to my house in Malacca on 2nd APRIL 2011. Block your date. hehe


QieYaH said...

wahhh... getting engaged dah nya next year. congrats darl. obviously wont be able to come. time nikah jak la nurul ho.. jadi org sibo eh..hehehe.. congrats once again!!

nurul ghazak said...

kak zack:thanks kak!! hehe kitak bila gik tek? InsyaAllah jadi org sibu..hehe

QieYaH said...

hehe.. kmk lom gik. mun ada lak mek mdh. :) insyaAllah

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