Friday, December 17, 2010
Dear bloggy,

sorry for neglecting you. I have no story to tell so better not ramble anything. hehe But now i have a story la. The other day  i went to visit pretty Mummy, Suzie who has given birth to the long awaited Baby Tum Tum. I couldnt believe it when i touched the little baby girl. She is here now!! She is fair and cute.

Hye, I am Ariana. -->; this name is not official yet =)

Baby Tum Tum arrived early, about 10 days before the expected date. I was in Kedah when she arrived. I was worried when her mummy sent me sms that she was in labor. Oh well, everything is fine now. Just happy to see a good friend of mine having her first baby. 

p/s I cant wait for next semester to come. Next month B will come to shop for our hantaran gifts together. uuu excited mak!!


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