Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's new year everyone.

How are you people? I hope everyone is starting their new year with good starts too. For me, I helped my mum setting up new curtain at her rent house. On Thursday, mom messaged me about a new parcel has arrived for me. Instantly i knew it was from B since he told me he was sending me a new planner.

When I got home, i quickly undressed the parcel, It was a planner given by Petronas to all her employees. It is covered with leather and i feel rich that instant.hehe

The front cover - leathery

He is not someone who loves to have a planner so he gives it to me. It's quite heavy though to be carried around. Must find a way to fit that in my handbag. Anyway, seems like i have nothing much to be planned for. Except for my engagement day which is nothing much oso. So my friends and I plan to go places for our final semester and hopefully we achieve what we target. It's final semester and months before we embark into working world. So why not enjoy this moment??hee

On a different note, B just got a new haircut. I asked him to get a new style coz it's kinda boring looking at his 'nerd' style. So the other day he went to a saloon and put all his trust to the hairstylist to cut his hair in what ever means.haha . 

This was last year



This is now. Ok please dont laugh. I am not  used seeing him like this also but i love it!

I also want to get a new hair cut but need to wait for the allowance first coz girls haircut aint cheap sista! That;s all peeps. Enjoy your new year break!


DauS said...

oi aku nak gak planner tuh! staff2 lain sume pakai huhu

Nurul Razak said...

wahaha...ko takde neh...gempak gak ah planner tu. aku rasa cam executive dah kot.

sword said...

daus,,nanti dah keje dgn PETRONAS bleh la pakai planner camtu gak..sabar jer..hehe

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