Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sirih Junjung

I am still a bit feverish. It's raining everyday. How to recover? I am raging against time. ceh, raging tu.hehe I have  topical presentation + microteaching on Tuesday and quiz for Contrastive Analysis and Error Analysis on Wednesday. And those will happen in 24 hours. Talking about luck eh? I managed to do few slides for my presentation and zero for microteaching. With heavy heads and aching body, i have no mood to brainstorm for ideas. Worst to worst, i'll just babble for 5 minutes. Oh ya, we are given only 5 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for microteaching. That's why deep inside i know no need to push so much. hihi

 yesterday Mum told me that Sirih Junjung is a must. $%^&*(. Apparently it is a must-have for any hantaran gifts. I dont mind actually but i believe it is a waste of money. Unless i opt for artificial sireh. But the elders will not like the ideas. You know if you ask any shop to do sirih junjung it usually cost about RM30+++ depending on the ingredients. why waste the money because in the end the sireh will end up rotting and be thrown away. Unless like i said just now, go for artificial ones.

I love this so much. but sure expensive as hell since it's using fresh flowers and sireh =.='

I try to nego with mak but she also not sure about the adat. She said, just wait for Anis's engagement ceremony. 

Yea B is coming in 5 days. excited excited. Hopefully i'll be better when he comes. hihi

p/s Sogo is having super sale right now till 14February. A destination to shop for engagement gifts =)


Sue Andy's said...

i got idea. why not u buat a basket of flower (artificial) then pakai sireh ori for selit2. if the sireh layu already just removed it and then tada!! u give his mom a basket of flower, nice isnt it? SSF got so many artificial bunga yg nampak damn real. just idea. cuz i made so many sirih junjung already huhuh~ ;)

nurul razak said...

hhe just like my mom said.haha time abgku kawen lok pun gya juak dipolah makcikku. tapi tapi real reason sebenarnya mok kurangkan benda leceh sebab cdaknya mok mbak nait flite.hihi tengkiu for the thought.

Sue Andy's said...

u need anything just tell me k. rumah aku ada 9 dulang hantaran, dengan alas nya. alas nya ada 5 jenis warna pink, green, cream, turquoise, ngan luxury lace. hehek~!

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