Thursday, January 13, 2011
I'm tired. Mainly because the classes ran from 8am to 5++ pm today. The rest just the drama I've been trying to avoid but failed miserably everytime.

Can I not enjoy the final semester of my 6-year course? Well, shit happens. We cannot satisfy everyone. So be it.

I will have another class on Friday. I remembered bragging to my mom that classes will only be on Wednesday and Thursday. Change of plan - until Friday. And the class on Friday will be ONLY from 3-4pm. God has better plans for me. Be thankful.

The only thing that keeps me sane this week till next week is the fact that B is coming next Friday. I wish the time would run faster until next week. I just realised how I miss B and be around him make a world different to me. This is no shit. I really feel this way. Even this time the comfort of my family cannot match the comfort i felt when he is around.

You cannot imagine how i long to be near him now.


sword said...

i am coming..hehe

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