Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have just had my topical presentation cum microteaching today. I believe everything went well despite the lack of preparation and being not too well today. I forgot my medicine at home *gerammmmnyeeee* so i am still having sore throat.

Only for topical presentation I stumbled many many times. My throat hurt. For microteaching, i enjoyed myself despite the lack of participation from the students. But I love it when I saw Dr. laughed at my spontaneousness. And I am proud of myself to come out with an idea for microteaching while doing laundry last night. =) Thank you Allah!!

The only not so good part is i couldnt sleep last night. The last time i opened my eyes to check on the time was at 4 +++ am and woke up again at 7.30am which mean i only had 3 hours sleep. I am having a very terrible head ache right now. I am not sure why i couldnt sleep but i think it's because my mind was not at rest. I kept rehearsing for microteaching in my head (padan muka sapa suruh last minute prepare). and also planning for where and when to go when B is here =)

On a different note, my friend told me that it seems impossible for us to be getting our allowance this week. =( means that  i have to use my life saving to buy all the gifts this weekend. This is the only not fun part for me.

Anyhoo, have a great week!! =D


Alex said...

Sorry teacher~~ :D

Nurul Razak said...

am gonna be super active during your turn.mieheheheheh *evil laugh*

Alex said...

*scared to death*

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