Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i hate flu

today was a bad day. I am still not well. This morning i left UKM about 9am heading to KL. Initial plan was to park at Bandar Tasek Selatan station. Went there and guess what, the parking was full. Apparently the usual car park is closed dont-know for what reason. Hopefully not to build anymore buildings. What's the point having beautiful skycraper if you have no where to park right?? this is what happening in Malacca. If you go to the center of attraction during peak season, you should pray hard the night before your plan to get a car park. True story. I dont know what Ali Rustam has been doing to the state but he should consider building parking lots too since Malacca is tiny small state congested with cars. not just ours but from Singapore la and all car from the whole peninsular and sometimes Thailand.

ok rambling. so no car park. had to change plan. went to Midvalley instead. what a waste of time and fuel. The traffic was slow. so i reached Mid around 10 something. Bought a water bottle. and tissue. took the train to Jalan Tar. In my conditiion, i hate haggling. but i did since it's not my money. hanggled haggled then got the price low but not the lowest. and i lost my water bottled somewhere. shit. one final destination looking for customers' order. this fugly man is a pervert. i ended up spending RM50 my own money buying more so that he let me go. he looked at me one kind, pervert look, said with the sexiest voice he ever made "Adik, belila...abang jual murah". AkuGELI BABI SIAL. and with accent pakistan, bangla $%^&*(

So, bought 5 plain lycra tudungs which i know i will never wear. planning to give it to mak. so angry, feverish and blurry, walked back to KTM Bank Negara, lucky the train arrived on time, got down at Midval. at midval, seriously i felt like was gonna pass out. so called B. at least some one should know la.B told to go back straight away. BUT NO. i came with another mission to survey for my engagement ring. so went for lunch. gather a lil bit of energy and started surveying. I am the shy type and i dont look rich. so i ended up surveying the rings at the display window. ya i am pathetic.

walked around surveying possible hantaran gifts. oh ya, i did enter WAH CHAN jewellery shop. so far they have the best offer but i am waiting for B to come and for CNY sale too.if lucky, Valentine's day sale too.hoho

alamak jaoh gila aku melalut dari tajuk. ok why i hate flu??? because my flu comes in a package. Sore throat, watery eyes and red nose. can u imagine me walking with red, watery eyes as if my boyfrend just dump me in Midval? i got all the stares from people but what can i do?

I am sure i'll be getting another one: coughing. ok nurul be grateful.

p/s nak pegi klinik tak???


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