Monday, January 3, 2011

Be thankful.

My motto of the day is BE THANKFUL. Sorry have to capitalize it because I meant every single word. I read back all my posts dated few weeks back. God I complained so much didnt' I? Especially bout money. hoho pardon me with that. So today, be thankful. I still have family, friends and food on the table. why the whining??? =)

Yesterday a dear cousin of mine, Anis told me that she's getting engaged this coming Chinese New Year. YOu wont know how happy I was, i mean am. Anis and I are the same age, in fact I have another 2 female cousins on the same age. Actually Anis's engagement ceremony has been postponed since last year due to work committment and time. She is about to be commission as what i donno la and her boyfriend works as a Navy captain so they dont see each other a lot. Anyhoo, happy for them!!!

The Panca Sintara from left: Diera, Nurul, Anis, Sya
(hahahahaha look at me hair..bahahaha)

From left: Nadrah, Nurul, Anis, Sya, Noi, Diera
Back: Sarah

Present 2010 from left: Nurul, Anis, Sya and Busu Ros.

Have not we all grown up??? *shed tears....*


Alex said...

oo..i like the last picture. :D

nurul razak said...

actually the pic wasnt natural pose. haha we posed ala-ala iklan selamat hari raya. =D

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