Monday, January 31, 2011

me vs mom

Few disagreements with mom.

  • I dont care what color my dress is. already bought it. VS  Mom wants it to be white. Suci katernye. She's willing to sponsor a new one.
  • I want to use plates to be the bases for hantaran. VS  Mom wants to use Bakul like this.

I want these!!

Mom wants something like this.

  • I want to use cheap brown paper bag for door gifts. VS Mom wants something cuter and pricy.

  • Siapa sangka ini hanyalah brown paper bungkus goreng pisang!! =P

    CANTIK!! But pricy!
    • I want to give Chocolate Indulgence for my hantaran to him VS Mom said fondant cupcakes look nicer

    yummeh. I am a heyyyyyuggeee fan of this cake. Sampai buat hantaran.


    Here is my rebuttal:

    1. Initially, we wanted white as well but you know how hard it is to find ready made white dresses?? Plus, with my size it is a tough luck!
    2. I am going for practicality. The plates can be reused for eating meals. If so many bakuls, maybe only 1 or two will be used. the rest??
    3. I dont want my mum to spend so much money. Plus this is just an engagement. Kalau wedding??? Mesti laggi emos.
    4. I am going for reality. Who doesnt like Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe?????? Fondant cakes might look better. But I dont like the taste of fondant. Cantik tapi tak sedap.

    Bottom line, I want to do something that both of us will be satisfied, because I want my mom to be happy too. Not because she's the main sponsor, but this is hers too. What ever she wants, I'll try to fulfill.

    p/s Ambun, maybe tema kaler ya tukar gik =.='

    p/p/s All pictures from Google Image


    valentine87 said...

    note that~~ hihi..ikut ja pa mumy pdh~ maybe iya excited bh..anyway i'm ready to help~~ but about the cake secret recipe plss..yg lain iya nole runding bh..

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