Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fitting baju tunang

Just now I asked for my room mate's comment about my engagement outfit. No, i did not rent any dress from bridal boutique. I bought a simple baju kurung to wear on my engagement day. 

I was worried at first that the baju kurung would be too simple. But Ain assured me that it is just nice. It's gonna be for engagement only, not akad or wedding reception anyway. Though my mum urged me to tailor a new baju kurung or rent at bridal shop, i decline her offer. If possible, I want everything to be as simple yet memorable. It is enough if friends and family are there on that day.

I dont need mini pelamin, or fancy dress or expensive photographer. Because engagement should be simple. No need to spend money on unnecessary things. Anyway, tepuk dada tanya selera. My selera would be simplicity. 

Aaaanywayyy, i fit into the baju kurung perfectly. And the shawl also matches with the baju kurung. Tadi siap rehearsal salam ngan bakal mak mertua.hahahahah GELI geleman aku.

So far, the preparation on my part has gone reallllly well. The only work left now is to arrange all the gifts beautifully. I put all my  trust on my two pons, Leen and Ambun as I believe they have what it takes to gubah the hantaran.hihi

After CNY holidays, we are gonna hit Nilai, finding stuffs for all the arrangement as well as some stuffs for our drama production. CANT WAIT!!!!!!


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