Thursday, January 6, 2011
Tomorrow we;ll have a replacement class hence the ever existence of me here, UKM. Alhamdulillah, my flu has subsided but all the phlegm are now parked somewhere around my lung. I prevent myself from laughing or taking  deep breath because it will put pressure on my chest = non stop coughing with ewwwing sound. So today, i was quite most of the time except when responding to friends because of the obstacle described above. (seems like 'obstacle' has been my favourite word of the day =p )

I have no appetite to eat. So today, Ambun Leen and I went to our usual hangout spot - ceh tak bole blah, Alamanda. Semalam pon dinner at this place too.find this place kinda homey and comfortable with no weird kids or strangers hanging around. It feels safe to be there. I opted for Lamb Chop for dinner which become a heeyyuge disappointment. It was tasteless - due to my illness and it was just not nice. So far the best lamb chop ever you can find is in Mydin Melaka food court. No kidding!

Tomorrow the class will be at 3-4 pm. planning to go back after that. cannot stand to be here another day in this condition. it feels lonely.


sword said...

get well soon syg..hehe

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