Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Acne product reviewed!!! With pictures!!

Hello there, good morning!!!

As I have promised before, I am going to post about my acne problem recovery. Let's get down a little bit to memory lane. Before 2009, I have no major acne problem at all. It all started when I further my study to UKM. I believe it's the water condition or pollution. I was so stressed out with the problem. My face literally looked like moon hit by meteors.hihi

Let's take a look. This pic was taken at the end of August 2010. Major stress dont cha think???

I believe if I used much better camera, the result would be unbearable. Since i was using compact camera, the disaster was not really appealing.hihi As you can see, i had bumps of pimples, black head, uneven skin tone. what a wreck. And my pimples were always the hard stone ones. Jerawat batu!

Now let's move on a little bit.

There is a slight improvement. The large acne dot below my lips had shrunken, few bumps were visible. This picture was taken a month later. at then end of September 2010. I was really happy that time. My skin tone has also improved. So does my eyebags.hihihihi

Now, the time much awaitedd............taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

I am so proud of my face.hahahah major improvement if you compare with the first picture. Better skin tone, no more bumps and eyebags pon so so only.hihi This picture was taken last week, January 2011.

Now, let's put all the pictures side by side, shall we? =)


All pictures were not edited at all except to crop my face since I didnot cover my head.hihi

So, wanna know the secrets?????

The secret started on August when my mom bought me a product as she was also worried with my skin problem. Ye la the only daughter. opkos la kan. She bought the product from her colleague as she said her colleague also suffered the same problem as me but has recovered tremendously. So she bought for me and forced me to use it. I was reluctant at first but now thanks to her. The product is ...



Yes, Eumora Soap bar. hihi

But I also used it with another product:

T3 Mycin!!!

When I first used Eumora, there were pimple breakouts all over my face. even worst than the initial problem. I  wanted to stop using it but my mum urged me to continue. Since she has sponsored the product that i couldnt afford to buy myself, i continued it. Though few MONTHS after that my skin has improved, there were still many many breakouts. So my sister in law suggested me to use T3 Mycin. She said the gel is only available at the pharmacist counter. I used it walla! The combinations have helped me a lot  dear readers.

So how much they cost??

You can buy a box of Eumora with RM250 per box consisting of 4 soap bars. One bar can last for about 2 months if you cut it into half. Jimat jimat.

T3 Mycin is only RM22++ but definitely below RM24. One tube can last longer too since you only need few tiny drops per use. Jimat2!

Another testimonial without picture: My mum also uses Eumora soap on her skin. My mom is in her early 50s but her skin is much younger than that. Sorry i dont have pictures of her. But she told me many of friends keep asking about her secret.hihi Not even friends, relatives too. 

So readers, that's all perkongsian di pagi rabu yang hening nak hujan.

p/s iklan ini free takda kaitan dengan eumora ataupun T3 ye. It's fun to share something with people. Hope you get something out from this.

p/p/s All these products work because of Allah 's willing. Kalau Dia tak izinkan, pakai apa pun tak berkesan. Sekian.


Anonymous said...

fuyoo...the changes are so obvious..just in time before the engagement kan..hehehe...visha

sword said...

veryyy2 like this...hehehe

fyna said...

wow great!

Sue Andy's said...

darah manis dah ya uols :P

Hana Faza-same person said...

salam kenal n follow

peewit! sudah semakin jelita lah dek..tahniah:)

Anonymous said...

IT's amazing to see how you relate this to Allah

Kushan Umayanga said...

Now ure so beautiful..How long you used T3mysin for lost ur pimples....

Kushan Umayanga said...

Now ure so beautiful..How long you used T3mysin for lost ur pimples....

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