Saturday, January 29, 2011

I cannot measure up to that.

I am a bit stress right now. But that's a whole different story. Currently on my CNY holidays. I only have 2 days for myself and the rest of the holidays for my cousin's engagement. I will be busy with her preparation as well.

Apart from that, my mom is really going all the way for my engagement. She has invited all her colleagues which are around 100 guests for my E-day. and she wants to prepare door gifts. *stress level skyrocketing*. I could say no but I am afraid she would feel offended. Just follow what ever she wants la. Since I am the only daughter. and for the door gifts, she wants something like the picture above. She got the idea from my cousin's baby kenduri Aqiqah. She said it's cute! =p

pic googled.

She finally agreed with my E- baju kurung. Phewww....I dont like heavy outfit with laces, manik2 because you see, I AM SHORT. Kalau heavy sangat, I'll look like a decorative Christmas tree ok!

Enough with engagement stuffs, I am anticipating a busy schedule after the semester break. Because my classmates and I will be busy with preparing and practicing for our drama production. I am going to play Lakshmi, the lead actress. I will have to dance as well. So i might have a day for dance practice, a day for drama practice, a day for costume preparation and props. hihi Busy bee. and also what ever days left to run back home helping mom with the preparation. See, busy rite?? and yea, I have classes from Wednesday till Friday. 

So I dont care if you have a child ke, a husband ke, a girlfriend/ boyfriend to entertain and say "Aku gik busy dari kau". Fuck up to that. I cannot measure up to all of your busyness. Aku pun busy in a different way. I know there'll be some people say ' You have time to go out with friends but cannot do this". HEllo! I cannot be working 24/7 ok. Wind up is a good practice.

Oh yea, I am working part time right now. Doing some writing work to earn extra cash. But it is a bit slow so have to keep looking and do better.huhu.. sama mau kasi duit free?? hihihihihi


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