Saturday, January 8, 2011


5pm. in the car, near Bangi exit toll:

Me: B, I am heading back now. Should be home in 1 hour
B : oK Drive safe. I need to discuss something when you arrive.

So the whole journey my mind couldnt stop thinking about what B wanted to discuss as he sounded a bit serious on the phone. Arrived home, went straight into my room and dialled his number. After few beeps:

Me: Mok diskas pa tek??
B: this........

So his mom wanted to come to 'merisik' though we have agreed no need to. She insisted. I was panicked. ok exaggerate. Not panic but i susah hati la. more money, more sacrifices. The plan was to make everything simple as much as we can. no need to follow the adat so much. Ok adat melaka sangat banyak kalau betul2 nak ikut.

Initially, no engagement ceremony. Just a simple visit with a ring.
-----> change to a ceremony with all the caterings, gifts bla bla bla

No merisik, as we combined merisik and bertunang in one go
---> that's not happening.

Just now my mum told me she wants to have door gifts for the engagement. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....see, told ya mak is too excited already.

if this is up to us, just beli cincin, pakai pastu bagitau parents, we're engaged!! simple! but but but but......we one both family to unite, be introduced to each other, get to know one another. both dah jadi excited. semua nak ikut adat bla bla. yang keluar fulusnya anak2..adoi


sword said...

i always behind you..hehe

DauS said...

aku tumpang excited gak. waaa nak balik pg majlis pertunangan ko. sponsor tiket pls! haha

Sue Andy's said...

if u need anything just called me!

nurul razak said...

dosh: aaaaaaaaaaaa aku pon nak ko balik gak....

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