Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wedding Photographer: Foto by Razali

When we decided to get married, the first thing I did was to look for a photographer. That's how obsessed I was about having the best man to capture the best moment of one of the best and biggest days of my life. I found one, even before we found the official date for our unison. hehe

None other than Foto By Razali. Remember this post?

2 words: THUMBS UP!!

It was marvelous working with Mr. Razali. We had never met before the wedding but his professionalism worked through out the two events. I met him for the first time when he entered my room when I was getting ready for solemnization. I was a shy person but he broke down the wall. He knew how to make the surrounding less awkward.

And he knew how to make people rock the pose baby!!! Seriously! One of the few things I told him was B and I were experts for passport photo style.hahahaha he answered 'takpela, kita amik gambar pasport je'. HEHE

Why do you need a professional photographer? A photographer can work just like your wedding planner, in term of photography. Mr. Razali handled our big family (both from B and my side) in taking pictures. There were no bumps or whatsoever. Everyone got to take pictures in turn. Be it family, friends or work colleagues. I didnt have to shout calling names or sending messengers. All were taken care of.

Alright. Last Thursday, I received a parcel. It was our wedding album *jumped like monkeys* hehehe

I however will upload few of my favourites only. We received One Custom Album and a 8GB pendrive containing 3K ++  pictures.

I'm not sure but I love the album coz it's in purple.hahaha but I did not choose the picture for the cover. It was B. I was at work at the time so I asked B to choose. I think I smiled too wide in the photo.

I still remember Mr Razali said "Sepul, Nurul, rapat lagi. dah kahwin dah sah. Rapat lagi ape malu-malu2." hahahahaa

This is the ultimate favourite photo EVER!!! I'm gonna develop this and frame it and hang it on the wall.!

This was taken in our bedroom. Mr. Razali said the background was just like white studio. Perfect! Tak sia-sia perantin cat bilik.haha

The support system. What would I do without you guys? You made me enjoy my last days as bachelorette ='))))))

Thanks guys for coming and staying till the end. =)))))))

Not to mention, Mr Razali is a creative photographer.

So why wait?? Book early to avoid disappointment. He's a hot stuff!

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