Sunday, September 19, 2010

d'ya see my stress meter?

well it is rising every second when i think of heading back to UKM tomorrow.dammit. why the because? lemme explain.

list of awaiting assignments:
1. Thesis
2. Literature second assignment
3. Life science project.
4. discourse and pragmatics project

lemme explain one by one why the because i'm so stressed out. you see, is not that i cant do some of these during my Raya holiday. in fact i really want to. but for some external reasons, they are all stuck!shit!

1. thesis: like in my previous post, my lovely madam supervisor is yet to reply or response to my email though i've sent tonnes of it. if she does not approve the previous drafts, how can i proceed? i did proceed with some chapters but still need her approval. so, this is not my fault. i dont think she realises that i have yet to gather my information or data which is like the most important chapter in any buat aku rasa nak menyumpah ni. 

2. for this task, we need to come out with a lesson plan to teach literature and teaching aids. the problem is my partner does not have any internet connection at home so the discussion just stop there.we have at least 3 days to complete this since the due date is next week..matila..

3. for this project, we are having problem with our tutor since she hasnt approved our proposal, she seems not sure of what she wants and definitely affect those who are under her. she doesnt check her email, she does not update any news on our media (wiki) or yahoo groups. how to proceed liddat?

4. for this project, i face the same problem like number internet connection at home so we cannot discuss anything.

my nightmare is going to be added up when the last task for Literature is coming and due on the final week.matila.....

i dont think i am going to have any fun the coming 4 weeks of this semester.i;m gonna lock myself inside the a zombie for the time being. ish benci!


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