Monday, September 6, 2010

Do Muslims or Muslims in Malaysia nowadays being too sensitive lately?

this is my 50cents from my immature point of view. be nice.

Lately i've read tonnes of blog posts or forums regarding sensitive issues related to Islam. Illuminati, advertisement this and that, Gaga's video clips. and the comments or responses from the Muslims mostly they are concerned with what's happening.

some of the comments were very rude and they started to bombard hatred and prejudices to other religions. and of course this stirrred up heated arguments where the followers of the other religion will back up what they believe. and mind you, these muslims who appeared to be the night shining armour of the religion started to throw curse words la. be nice people! Islam never teaches us to like that. 

I have different friends from various background and religions. and we go along just fine. so do other people i believe.especially those people who gave out hatred comments. can you imagine you said all those nasty comments right in front of your friends' faces? would you? i believe you be nice wherever you are. because you are carrying your religion when you open your mouth.

and do we muslims become overly sensitive? i've seen that some groups of people have become overly obsesses analysing, scrutinizing every elements around them. i remember the stage setting of AJL or concert held by TV3 few months back. people were debating that there's some influence of illuminati. then the newest is the raya advertisement again from TV3.

i believe the producer of the advert was trying to show their 'creativeness' by mixing all the religious elements. i am not saying it is right. it definitely raises some doubts from the muslims. what i dont like is that the responses from these muslims. suddenly they started to blame other religion like trying to convert the muslims la..being prejudice and rude.

why are we splitting hairs about this? why should we be afraid of what's coming into our way? we should do something about that of course. but not by lashing our Christians, Hindu or Buddhist friends with sarcastic and rude remarks. focus on strengthening our inner faith. believe in God. we cant never change the world. but ourselves. That i truly believe in.

Ni sampai nak ubah perlembagaan la..halau orang tu balik sane..haramkan itu ini...what the hell? The Islamic way of life should be practiced individually. that means changing your self first. educate your family. not by changing others. you think by cursing other religions will get you into heaven meh? not likely.


sword said...

tumpu perbaiki diri dan satukan hati setiap umat lebih baik dari mencari kesalahan orang lain.kan?hehe

tulisan kemas said...

hehe .. ajeem following ur blog .. lalala

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