Tuesday, October 5, 2010

another problem came rolling on chicken shit~

yesterday we were told by the people in FPend office that we need to write a draft letter to our life science supervisor for them to write a letterhead for us to send to the school.sorry for the complex sentence. lazy to hit backspace and rephrase.haha

the problem is our supervisor is in tokyo now.yah i know email seems like a very pretty, gorgeous, da bomb idea but well, after several months with super we kinda know she's not that kind of replying email. so there's another problem. we've got a school who sudi menerima we all but the school wants a formal letter. and now our super is in Tokyo. Hait!! now we are crossing fingers that she will read the email and approve of our draft. imagine jak our project proposal that we sent earlier this sem pon beliau belum baca kan though the project is less than 2 weeks.

oh ya since we cant go to tganu, we've lost our main food sponsorship. so at the moment, we need to chuck in RM50 per person. hopefully we can get some last minute sponsors.

and another thing, i got some comments indirectly saying my blog is boring. well, i know that. and this sem i grumble more about problem. and urge me to write something else. well, here my rebuttals. first of all, i dont go harassing people life with my problems so this blog is the only thing i have. and since B has started working, my contact with my blog has become so special that its the shoulder i lean against now. Second, pretty simple. I've stopped rushing towards Nuffnang cheque now so i dont care if my visitors number drop to zero. but you, since my grumbling started about my thesis, my visitor meter rise about 40 visitors per day. i guess people love me ngerepak.hahah

so that's all. i'm pretty busy juggling with works, emotion and eat. yeah eating is important because food make me happy. if you are not happy with my blog, just leave. dont have to crack your head and be sad about my boring posts.

ok. it's a new day. be nice. and do you work. Kurangkan kontroversi tingkat kan prestasi. *harus melodi saman trademark diorang nih*...haha


sword said...

do ur own blog, da way do u like, dont care wat ever people talking about u.chaiyo2!!!

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