Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good friends are hard to keep but they'll come around in need

First of all, i would like to say Alhamdulillah for all the best things happened to me this week. and also last week. though i've been through a lot especially last week, i had and always have friends standing by me, cursing, laughing and crying together with me.

this is Ambun. One of the greatest guy i know =)

Me and Leen. People used to call us twin because of our vertically challenged body.haha

I want to dedicate this special thanks to dear Friends Ambun and Leen for sticking with me through thick and thin. and last week i think i've felt the most wonderful feeling while working together. we were angry but we still laughed, teased and cursed together. i definitely do not want to rewind back that time but the memory will always bring smile to my face. thank you guys!

and also special thanks for both of them as i received one of the highest awards i ever got which is getting into the Dean's list. i know it's nothing for some people but for me it's damn heyyuuuugeee! some people might say it's your own effort bla bla bla but i'd say it's a group work effort. Ambun and Leen were there when i was at the bottom about 2 years ago and still with me till today. we've had our own rough patch but that never stop us from being friends. we cursed at the assignments. we shared good moments. ok touching la pulak kan. hehe

smiling awkwardly while receiving the cert form the Dean

ambun, i know you'll read this and from the bottom of my heart, shank shyou!! let's work together to achieve what we want to achieve.you taught me how to dance.well i think i dance better than a kayu right now. haha again thank you. there's nothing i can do to repay everything back. jom pegi genting!!hehe


Sue Andy's said...

tahniah nurol! im happy for u :D

valentine87 said...

wah...nang besar lengan aku koh..hihi
yes indeed...thank you for everything tooo...kita make it through the rain..meletops uols..shondan yg gigih... again congrats uolas..bangga kita..

sword said...

bravo!!!!! i am very happy for you.keep it up good effort.

Nurul Razak said...

suzy; awww....thanks zie. ko harus jadi mommy vogue juak..hehe

shambun: bangga jee..next sem kau gik k.hehe

b: arigato! =)

Sue Andy's said...

haruss ku jadi vogue :D and u hehek!
hepi ku tengok ko trimak award (sijil itu)
Shelesh ku sbb mek urang ambik sijil ya rah pejabat fakulti (carik sijil ya kdirik dlm timbunan sijil2 yg ada) (T.T) keji

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