Tuesday, October 12, 2010

'Twas a long day

Yesterday was a very tiring and emo day for me. It's the first day of 'The DAY' if you know what i mean. to add to that, i have a small but painful bump behind me that i dont know what it is. so period pain + bump pain made me angry easily.

Ambun Leen and I went to Kajang to find for our project certificate paper. the school has specifically asked that for the students. so off we went. During lunch, the school called and told us we have to organize the project on Friday since there'll be PTK exam on Saturday. then we were told to send a permission letter to PPD Hulu Langat. i was like 'What?!!' because we are rushing against time and i am afraid PPD will respond to our letter late. that's one thing la.serabut kepala hotak.

oh ya btw, we have to send it by yesterday. can you imagine that? so we rushed back to UKM and went to the faculty. I am so glad that i have Ambun because if not i dont think we can get the letter from UKM. our supervisor is not available till today so she told Menn to deal with her PA. oK BOLEH PA DIA TAKDE CUTI KEGUGURAN????? not blaming her though. so ambun berjaya menggoreng dan another lady at the office helped us to write the letter reluctantly. but the draft for the letter is back in the hostel than again we rushed back, Leen took her laptop and off we went to Fac. after we sent the soft copy, we waited there for about 1/2 hour.

it was already 15 minutes past 4. i was not comfortable, the heat rashes started to tickle my whole body and the pain is almost unbearable. We got the letter and the kakak helped us to fax it to PPD. Though she was busy, she still helped us so i thank you kakak!

back in the hostel, my room was messy and dusty.aiyoo

I dont mind doing the work but i hate it when people dont respond during the discussion. what's the point then? you people dont even bother to ask about the progress and yet tak respond bila orang bawak discuss kat facebook. this is a group work than act like a group. i dont mind doing this project with only two groups or only my group. nak tunggu korang respond punya la lambat. if anything turn out to be something bad, who are you guys going to blame? of course la yg do the work. so, educate yourself with the progress. aku repot ngn dr baru tau. Do us some favor ok?

p/s ye aku geram. sebab aku pun ada asaimen nak buat. nak tunggu respon pon makan setengah hari. nak kutuk aku cakap aku berkira? silakan. sebab korang pon berkira buat kerja. 

p/p/s lama aku tak emo macam ni 


sword said...

banyak bsbr,k..hehe stiap kpayahan msti ada balasan yg stimpal ngan nya.hehe jgn cpt ngalah,usaha lebih gik,k..dem masa dpn..hehe

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