Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i miss them!

everyday i'll look at their pictures or watch their videos. it's kinda therapy for me because hearing their laughter or watching their innocent acts never fail to make me laugh.


ikha the japaness empress/ or korean hot chick..haha

huwaaa...miss them terribly. but my dad seems to be missing them more. you know sometimes he will 'agah/tease' the babies picture? like he imagines that Ikha and Adam in that picture will smile or giggle back to him? our house is filled with the babies pictures. especially on my dad's computer table. hehe sometimes in silent suddenly my dad will talk to the picture? can you imagine how much a grandpa has been missing his grandchildren?? my dad also spends some time to edit and reedit the babies picture. mentang2 free kan..hehe

see the examples below:

both with cute glasses!

see...atok oh atok...

this one was edited last Sunday. remember ikha had a twin sister but didnt make it? so atok imagine ikha with her twin sister!

addam in shah alam - siap ada tarikh hoccay!

there are more tp malas nak korek fb. if you go to my fb acc, you'll see many many of these pictures edited by my dad. cool kan ada atok yang IT savvy ni? he used Photoshop k. aku pon pakai photoscape je.haha

itu je kot. Umar, if you are reading this, can i come over to your house this Sunday?


tulisan kemas said...

awal nye awak on9 kann ..
ok , dtg la umah this coming sundei ! akeke ^.^

sword said...

mok ekot..mok jmpa adam juak..boleh?hehe

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