Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank you Allah

you know, i have a little time today to read all my posts for the past few months. boy i was a depressing person wasnt i? when i read back, i was like, was i really that upset? are u sure i am the one who typed those posts? how come i was soo negative?

 was searching for 'hit head' picture and Bieber came out.hahahha

well sorry fellas. i guess i was. But this week happened to be my rainbow week as one good thing came after another. well started last week already. first, i went to check the name list for Dean's list student. my friend told me bout it. my roommate told me too that my name is on the list but i just did not want to believe it because i know can i get into the list rite. so i went to check. first scanning, i didnt see my name. so oh maybe they were wrong. second time, yea Siti Nurul Ain Bt Abdul Razak was there. but i was like "well, maybe some one got the same name like me'. third scanning..there it was. my name. my Matrik number. though Leen was with me, i dont think she noticed how happy i was. really really happy. i am damn happy because i never expect myself to be in that list. well, another reason to believe in miracle, dont we? =)

the second thing was last Monday..or was it Tuesday. i was totally forgotten about it till i read my friends' status. the official result for practicum was out. though i've heard it from my supervisor, i wanted to see it black and white on paper. opkos la kan. so there it was. I got A-. nothing to brag but given my school condition and the classes i was teaching, it was a  total bless. i guess if you do something whole heartedly, God will definitely reward you. =)

My extremely 'energetic' 1A students - Thank you!!
My macho 4G students. - Thanks a lot guys!!
the third blessing i received this week was the marks for my second assignment for my literature subject. you see, for this assignment, we were asked to work in pair and create a lesson plan with a teaching aid with it. preferably in Powerpoint format. so Leen and I did not discuss the task until after raya holiday and we were left with 4 days to complete it. we didnt have any idea so we just adapted from my lesson plan during practicum. the activities were reaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy simple. just some checklist and fill in the blanks. i think our only strenght was colorful during other group presentation both of us felt really down because those presentations were fantastic. they had videos, sound effect and incorporporate many other softwares. memang dah tawakal habis. though we had an extra week to do changes (because we were the 2nd last group to present), we didnt do any except to add some animation. we tot of putting a video but somehow we didnt. so after all the presentations, Dr Nacky's comments were devastating. i tot he was talking about our group. he said he was dissapointed bla bla Yesterday, he showed us our marks. i didnt want to know at first. but well, opkos you want rite. the moment i saw the marks, i wanted to scream. we got 14 out of 15. Leen and i couldnt believe it so i took another peek. we got full marks for Idea and creativity and only 4 for language. my god. our lame idea got full marks!!!! Thank you Dr and Allah.

from Mr Nobody poem. Mind you i took half and hour to color the picture using Paint and add the 'finger marks'.hahaha
and the last thing, my tudung business with suzie. we have a new supplier who offers better quality lycra hijab and we love them to bits. our previous supplier's hijab wasnt that good and we got complaints from the customer. so nak jaga customer opkos kena usaha bagi yang terbaik. our effort paid off. yang penting, ibu mengandong yang tabah ok, mummy suzie. i hope our business will get better and more customers.pray for us! 

alaaaaaaaaaaaa....takde gambar tudong plak...=(

This post is not to brag. it is to show how i feel after weeks of stressful situation. i hope everyone will have great things in their live too. =)



Sue Andy's said...

harus taduak jd tabah jee

sword said...

congratulation my dear..hehehe good really do a great job.hehehe

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